Programs & Services

Presently in the Yukon there are two programs and services for people with diabetes. The Chronic Conditions Support Program and the Diabetes Education Centre.

Diabetes Education Centre

The Chronic Conditions Support Program

Yukon Health and Social Services’ ‘Chronic Conditions Support Program’ (CCSP) works with individuals, health care providers, and health systems to improve the care and treatment of people living with chronic conditions, including diabetes, in the Yukon.

CCSP offers the following programming which is open to people living with diabetes:

Clinical care:
  • Clients of participating clinics can see a Nurse Specialist in Chronic Disease Management who can assist to coordinate their diabetes care, provide information and support and/or referral to other community resources.
  • The CCSP has a Community Liaison Nurse whose job is to work directly with Primary Health Care Nurses in rural health centres to support care for their diabetes.
Managing your diabetes:
  • The Nurse Specialists in Chronic Disease Management can help people at participating clinics with managing their diabetes.
  • CCSP has Health Coaches who can be accessed by anyone with diabetes, and/or other conditions, for collaborative support, knowledge on making successful behaviour change and effective strategies to achieve your best health.
Being active:
  • Also on the CCSP team is a Certified Exercise Physiologist who offers the Live Well Yukon: Movement Matters group exercise program for people with a chronic condition such as COPD, diabetes, arthritis and/or heart disease. The course tailors exercises to individual needs and abilities and offers a space to enjoy support and fellowship of others with similar conditions. It runs twice a week for ten weeks. Please consult the current City of Whitehorse Active Living Guide for the next available intake and registration details.
  • Call to learn more about what physical activity options are available in the territory or to book an individual consultation.

Contact Information

Nurse Specialists in Chronic Disease
(867) 335-2974 or (867) 335-0502
Health Coach
(867) 336-0123

Certified Exercise Physiologist
(867) 336-0035
(867) 393 7487

Diabetes Education Centre

Sharlene Clarke, Registered Dietitian; Mary Beaton, Registered Nurse
Angeline Rollins, Administrative Assistant

The Diabetes Education Centre

The Diabetes Education Centre provides outpatient information, support and teaching for adults diagnosed with diabetes. This includes persons diagnosed with Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. Families are also encouraged to participate.

The centre is staffed with a Registered Nurse and Registered Dietitian who are certified Diabetes Educators and who have significant training and experience in diabetes care.

Staff work closely with many health professionals including family physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and foot care specialists to ensure that the Diabetes Education Centre provides the best possible care.

To access this service and to become a client of the centre we require a referral from a family physician, walk-in clinic physician or community health centre. Once a referral is received the client would then be contacted and appointments booked.

Contact Information

Phone: (867) 393-8711
Fax: (867) 393-8942

Phones are answered 8:30 am to 12:00 pm Monday to Friday. If you think your situation is urgent please go to the Emergency Room at WGH


Thomson Centre (next to the hospital)
#6 Hospital Road
Whitehorse, YT
Y1A 3H8


Open Monday to Friday
8:30 am until 2:00 pm
Closed for Lunch

Anyone interested in obtaining information about diabetes is welcome to drop by during working hours and pick-up pamphlets or brochures.

For those persons who are unable to travel to Whitehorse to attend appointments in person Telehealth videoconferencing may be an option. If you are interested in Telehealth, please check with your local Health Centre regarding availability.